Why the site?


This site has two types of posts: Experiential and Factual. The experiential posts describe my experiences with certain rotations, tests, attendings, etc. and the factual posts explain certain Step exam related material.

The way this site is organized is essentially in blog format. To make things more convenient for you there is a CATEGORIES SIDEBAR on the right of the home page that you can use to filter the blog posts by the subject you are interested in reviewing. The posts, I hope, will fill in any gaps in knowledge and/or solidify what might not have been solid.

Please keep in mind that the posts are not at all intended to be comprehensive of the subject, far from it. There are plenty of books out there you can use as your main texts. Please see my Reviews page.


Throughout this site I might make some recommendations for or against certain books. I am not being paid, coerced, or strong-armed into presenting the material on this site. These are purely my own views and opinions based on personal experience. With that said, I also want to make it clear that I am creating this site purely for the benefit of fellow collegues in the medical sciences. None of this material is to be reprinted or reproduced for monetary gain. Keep in mind that I might have inadvertently posted incorrect info, and if that is the case please leave a comment and point it out (I’m still learning too).

Finally, please feel free to email me at stepjourney@gmail.com with any and all questions and I will do my best (time permitting) to get back to you.

Good luck with your studies!


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